Friday, March 16, 2012

Steve Poltz and DMC in studio for Monday Night Football

Steve Poltz and Darryl McDaniels
Members from the band The Rugburns recorded what could be ESPN's new Monday Night Football theme song at Studio West this past month.  Read what some of our staff had to say about the project....

Kellogg Boynton: 
Shawn Rohlf, Kellogg Boynton, Darryl McDaniels
"The song is a rendition of an old Rugburns song which includes a new twist that features Darryl from Run DMC rapping over the middle section of the song.  Band members included Stinky, Shawn Rohlf and Steve Poltz who co-wrote much of Jewel's first album, Pieces of You.  Steve was really the inspiration behind the song and Darryl was amazing to work with. Darryl knew exactly what he wanted to do the minute he heard the section of the song he would would be rapping over. Working with someone as accomplished, yet still as nice, as he was reaffirms my faith that there's still lots of great music be be made right here in San Diego!"

Shawn Rohlf:
"I’ve been performing and touring with Steve Poltz for about the last 5 years and have performed with his former folk-punk band, The Rugburns, in their reunion shows.  One of their popular songs from the 90s was called Football Tonight.  After Hank Jr. got the boot from ESPN earlier this year, disc jockey Mike Halloran (94.9 FM and 91X) talked Steve into re-writing a version of the track to be pitched to ESPN as the new Monday Night Football song. Steve called me and asked if I could help produce the track and Mike would arrange to bring Darryl McDaniels (a.k.a. DMC from rap pioneers RUN DMC) to do a rap segment in the middle. We recorded the basic tracks in one session with Steve on vocals and acoustic guitar, Rugburn “Stinky” on drums and myself playing bass, acoustic and electric guitars and Hammond B3 organ.
Hunter Levy was our engineer for the basics session and Kellogg engineered and mastered the track on the second day.  The following day DMC came in and did the rap section in the middle. This was a huge thrill for of all of us as he was so enthusiastic and such a down to earth guy! His driver later told us that in the car after they left, DMC said that was the most fun he’s had in the studio in 20 years. Now we’re all hoping ESPN will catch on to the magic that we created in those two days here at Studio West!"

Listen to the track here.

Photos used by permission of Rebecca Joelson Photography

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